What Will the ER Team Want to Know About Your Accident?

If you are conscious when you get to the ER after an accident, the ER team will ask you questions as part of your exam to determine the extent of your injuries. Some of the questions might include:

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  • What happened?
  • Were you in a car accident? Were wearing a seatbelt? How fast was the car traveling?
  • Where do you have pain?
  • Did you hit your head?
  • Did you lose consciousness?
  • Any dizziness, nausea or vision problems?
  • Do you feel any pain when I touch here?
  • Are you on any medications?
  • Are you taking any aspirin products?
  • Have you been drinking or have you taken any drugs?
  • Any chance you are pregnant?
  • Have you had any recent surgery or other injuries?